Play video above for a snapshot of Arthur Oliver's work in under 2 minutes.

Olympia Dukakis

"Arthur Oliver is an amazing designer. He is collaborative and creative. He listens."

– Olympia Dukakis, Oscar and Golden Globe Award winner

Jerry Mitchell

"Arthur Oliver's passion for his work, his tremendously creative spirit, and his generosity for his work on Broadway Bares makes him stand out in the crowded field of Costume Designers."

– Jerry Mitchell, two-time Tony Award winner

Tina Packer

"Arthur is extraordinarily imaginative! We've worked together many times, and I am always delighted with what Arthur brings to each production."

– Tina Packer, Founder of Shakespeare and Company

John Douglas Thompson

"Arthur's designs fully support the narrative of a character.  His costumes are an integral part in illustrating the physical, emotional, and historical elements of a role. "

– John Douglas Thompson, Obie Award winner and Tony Award nominee

Alison Fraser

"Arthur Oliver's dazzling imagination teamed with his impeccable research, top drawer skill set and warm, collaborative work process makes him the costume master of an actress's dreams. I was blessed to have him transform me into a fish bone-combed, bedraggled white boa clad alley cat named Mehitabel, and then a Swarovski covered Ice Queen complete with blue hair. I can't wait to see what he conjures up for me next!"

– Alison Fraser, two-time Tony Award nominee


Arthur Oliver is an internationally recognized costume designer with a career that has presented his design work to the world via internationally broadcast television and designs for theatre, film, dance, and opera on four major continents.



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